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MnG APP: Kuneho Usagi by Kawaii-Miho MnG APP: Kuneho Usagi by Kawaii-Miho



[✖]Usagi [兎], Kuneho
[✖]Usagi [兎] meaning Rabbit
[✖]Kuneho... well means... Rabbit. :trollface:

[✖] Japanese: Park Romi: 1:50-2:10
[✖] English: Kate Higgins

[✖]17 years old
[✖] Birthday: April 7th

[✖] 5'5" ft || 165 cm.

[✖] 125 lbs || 56.70 kg

[✖]Sophomore || 2nd Year

Main Stroke:
[✖] BackStroke

Level :
[✖] Intermediate

Roommates :
[✖] Kikuchi, Sho and Maguro, Aji


[✖] Well... It's kinda given but, HE ADOOOOORES and Just LOVES Rabbits with his whole heart. "Their cute little noses and long ears, their cute fluffy wuffy tails, the way they hop and omg their eyes! "
[✖] He loves it everytime he hears comments and compliments about Bunny Man--
[✖] He loves, Loppy, Hoppy, and Chandler. [His three pet rabbits]
[✖] He really likes cosplaying. He'd sow his own clothes but his mom helps him from time to time as well.
[✖] He's also taken a liking to his part-time [forced] modelling and to be his mom's doll for all her new designs.
[✖] His family, he loves them very much.


[✖] He's not very fond of cats and dogs. No matter what size, he will freak out and hide behind you--- and there's a possibility he might start crying and hop and hold on to you for dear life.
[✖] ---but he doesn't quite know directed to Kuneho himself. he's not very good at reacting to compliments about /him/ (He can take it when it's about his cosplays, collections or yeah)
[✖] He's also not much of a fan of the great big outdoors. He'd rather stay cooped up in his room, under a warm blanket and on his soft mattress as he watches anime.
[✖] He hates carrots with flaming passion. His mom went gaga and few him carrots every meal of everyday when he was younger since he said it seems that his eye sight was getting blurry. She also took his laptop away, saying it was bad for his eyes. Those were the darkest ages yet in Kuneho's 17 years of life.
[✖] He doesn't like it when you touch his toys Anime Figure collection. Surprisingly there isn't no big boobed ladies in his collection.
[✖] Loud sudden noises are a big N.O. for him. [Fireworks; guns; thunder; Porcelain breaking]

[✖] Kuneho is generally friendly and highly sociable. Often times Kuneho is extremely energetic and just simply way too bright and way too happy. He's not shy in making new friends and would often be the one to start conversations with others, and generally find something to say something about any topic.

Kuneho would always make sure that his friends and family are content and comfortable, if not he would do his best in helping you out.
His actually very generous with giving a hand or two in helping other's out to the point that he takes in way too much that the load only to discover they have a difficulty or even are unable to meet their commitments.

He was though to be humble and not boast, but at times he becomes seriously over-protective at points that he becomes a tad bit selfish. He can also be Impatient, he's not really much of huge fan of waiting. I mean, yeah he can stay in mcdonald's line to get a burger or something, but even that would make him tense but he can handle it. Though he seriously hates being at the end of the line and would start to pout but tries to hide it. So, if you're in line with Kuneho, best keep him busy so he wouldn't notice the time. But the thing that drives him crazy are Cliffhangers or late updates of his anime shows or mangas. You could see him awake at 3 am refreshing a page in his laptop, muttering words.
He's also very emotional, especially when it comes to his shows and stories. His sister once saw him in the corner of the room, crying in a blanket cause his favorite character died. likeverytime//sobs

At the end of the day he's a loyal and loving friend and will be there for his companions through thick and thin. So if you're sad, you know who to call, he'd make you eat ice cream and just indulge yourself in as much bliss until you are ready to speak your mind.

[✖] There are a few important things about Kuneho Usagi, parts of his life that had brought about the cheerful young boy. The first and most important of which is his family. Born into an American-Japanese family, all his life Kuneho had been living comfortably. His parents had worked hard enough, so much so that the family had begun to gather a fortune. Kuneho and his older sisters were also given quite a lot of privileges as their parents enjoyed seeing their children happy. He had hardly felt any pain or hardships. The only time that stress seemed to pile up on him was when his exams drew near and he was forced to go back to cramming and study sessions, that or when a Manga/Anime he followed didn’t update on time, or leaves a chapter with a cliff-hanger and goes on long break.

The good thing about his upbringing though, aside from the glamor and material blessings, was the fact that they had been brought up to be humble. Their parents had always told them that it was wrong to brag, instilling this virtue unto their children as they had grown up. They had also been brought up to empathize with others, making the family very much generous.

Another thing about Kuneho is that he is, admittedly, one of the biggest Otakus out there. During his earlier years he had come across Po☻mon as it was all the rage in his school. The concept of the card game and of the world itself (not to mention the television show) interested the boy so much that he had even wanted to be the protagonist one day, for he never grew old. Ever. It was through this simple love for Po☻mon that led him to discover a whole lot of other animes this being the cause as to how he had developed a various amount of anime-related hobbies, such as figurine collecting, and not to mention cosplay; the latter being, perhaps, the one he is most active in.

If there is something that seems rather odd about this boy, it would most likely be his more effeminate features. Females being the more dominant sex in the Usagi household, it was quite a surprise (but very much a delight) when Leatrice (mother) and Shōtaku [沼沢] (father) had gotten a boy. Despite this, he had been raised by mostly women, also the fact that his sisters and his mother found it enjoyable to see the youngest male in the dresses and the clothing that their mother made, there being a bountiful amount as she was a fashion designer. At first this irritated the young boy, having been forced to wear women’s clothing and to model them even, when clearly he was male. After discovering though that there were anime characters who crossed dressed, traps even, he became fine with the thought of cross-dressing, sometimes even requesting for a specific design from his mother, now only seeing modeling as “professional” cosplaying.

Despite the closeness of his family, it was inevitable that he would be left alone at times. His family, however, did not like the thought of the boy getting lonely deciding one day that they would get him a pet. They had gone through a numerous amount of animals, starting off with the more common choices of a dog, a cat, birds and fishes. All of these just seemed to not appeal to Kuneho, making him cry at some point. The clerk at the pet store tried one more time, showing the boy three bunnies which seemed to instantly appeal to him. His parents had gotten him all three fuelling his love for the adorable animal. This incident brought about the birth of Bunny Man. Bunny man is Kuneho's not so secret, secret super hero alias. When he was a child he would run around the house with a red cape and red mask and wore bunny ears and like his 3 bunnies he would hop around and they'd do super secret hero missions. This sort of imagination was brought about as he watched his animes.

Soon later, he found a bunny costume some merchant was selling online and without a second thought he had bought it. With a few alterations and the addition of a mask and his ever loved red cape the suit seemed good as new. Even up to this date, as he stays in Mizu-no-Gakuen, he continues to perform deeds he deems as “heroic”, even if it simply to throw a piece of trash into the waste bin.

As to how his interest in swimming was brought about, it all started when he and his family were out together for a beach outing, his father having the intention of teaching his children how to swim. Kuneho wasn’t exactly the best at it, somehow messing up every now and then. Although persistent and eager to learn the fact that he couldn’t get it right seemed to dishearten the boy. When they had taken a break to go and eat lunch, Kuneho wandered off towards the shore to pick some sea shells quite oblivious to everything around him that is, until he heard someone calling for help. A girl younger than he was had been taken in by the waves as she drifted quite far off. His ‘superhero’ instincts getting the best of him, he dashed into the sea and began to swim, the adrenalin rush fuelling him. Once he had gotten to the girl and back to the shore, everything sank in, making him realize that he had swam. His parents looked at him proudly as they congratulated him for a job well done. “I want to save others too! I want to get good at swimming so I can help those who can’t and are in danger!” he said eagerly, his eyes bright as he had found a new purpose. Because of this little incident, the boy trained hard whether it was alone or with a professional. He had heard of Mizu-no-Gakuen and wished to be part of this school as he believes it is one step closer to achieving his goal.

About Bunny Man:
[✖] Bunny man is Kuneho's Secret SuperHero Alias. He wears a pink bunny suit with the classic red cape and runs around the school looking for people, animals etc to help. He's a quirky hero who doesn't speak. Kuneho chooses not to speak in his BunnyMan Alias as it might give away his real identity. So he just speaks through actions, it's quite easy and fun but at times it get tedious and irritating to both him and the other. In RP as BunnyMan Kuneho can only Speak by using [ ! ] and [ ? ] example, [ !!!!!!!! or !!?!!?!?!? or ???????? or .......? ] See. very expressive. That's all there is to know about BunnyMan--- oh and he likes to act like a really Crappy Super ninja.

Additional Info:
[✖] His jacket has a pink round bunny tail at the lower back.
[✖] Kuneho is the filipino word for rabbit. So his name seriously means... Rabbit Rabbit. [Bunny Rabbit]
[✖] His Dad's name Shōtaku [沼沢] Usagi [兎]
[✖]Shōtaku [沼沢] = Swamp or MARSH so his name is..Marsh Rabbit

[✖] He addresses others using -Chi or -Pi and Abbreviating their names. (ex. Usa-chi~*~)
[✖] He would use anime/manga titles, references in some of his sentences. Like "Holy Saint Oniisan!"
[✖] When speaking in Japanese you can hear the american slang accent slip out from time to time.



Usagi, Kuneho © ~Kawaii-Miho
App Template © =chexuka
#Mizu-no-Gakuen © ~Prince-Jae
Yet again I thank ~Mattyzilla for helping me out so so much. Love you papa.
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