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August 31, 2013
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.::Royal Quartet::.::Kudo, Yupeiku::. by Kawaii-Miho .::Royal Quartet::.::Kudo, Yupeiku::. by Kawaii-Miho


Yupeiku, Kudo

[✷] Name:
"My name is Yupeiku Kudo. Have the pleasure of meeting me, love"

[✷] Nickname(s):
"Hmm, I'd prefer if you'd refer to me as Yupei for a nickname. Others? Ask and wait for appoval." ||is called Yu-Yu by family||

[✷] Age:
"I'm 17 years old. Touch me and I'm calling the police, sweet heart."

[✷] Gender:
"I am a lady, just in case you have any doubts. I Highly think you don't, do you?"

[✷] Nationality:
"I am of Japanese blood, though we did move to US but that's not the question, now is it?"

[✷] Languages:
"Hmm, Well let's see. I'm very fluent to my native Language, Japanese and to the language I grew up with, English. Sprinkle in a tad of Spanish since I had Spanish classes before"


[✷] Best Feature:
[✷]"I highly think my Eyes are my best facial feature, Don't you think so too?"

[✷]"I suppose my sense of fashion is something to be proud of as well."

[✷] Weight-Height:
"I'm 54.43 kg or 120 lbs and 167 cm; around 5'5'' ft tall."

[✷] Hair Color:
"My hair color is brown, though I dip-dyed it with pink at some point"
"Don't know why my hair turned out sorta pink in the drawing, probably Miho-san's terrible color management"


[✷] Used to be Occupation:
"A College student."

[✷] Group Members:
 "Ahh- I suppose I'd need to make some friends some time soon."

[✷] Alignment:
"Black, I thought of going with white but, I felt as though I'd be more comfortable in this category"

[✷] Points:
"Points Bank account?"


[✷] Personalities:
[✷] Mature, Calm and Collected (???):
[✷]"Rie--*Sighs* Stop running around or a will slap you like that mother in the movies. Seriously, sweet pea, It's just a daddy-long legs. It won't hurt you-- *Being shoved towards the bathroom door sees a whole web full of it* .... You know what-- Get me hair spray and Daddy's Zippo."

[✷]Big-Sister Instinct:
[✷]"Shhh... *Hugging and coming the other's hair* Shhh... It's gone... It's dead. Big sis killed the spidey. Shhh. It's okay. Yu-Yu is here to protect you, okay?"

[✷]"Who dare made Ashley cry? I swear to god, once I find you; I will dump your carcasses into the pool of hell where you'll burn for eternity. No seriously-- who did? I'll punch you on the face. *smiles sweetly*"

[✷] Responsible and Determined --Borderline Workaholic:
[✷]"No, not yet; can't sleep yet. *Looks at time* 4 am. Classes start at 7, *shrugs* last number. So *mumbles* Vfy = Viyt + [(gt^2)/2]"

[✷]"*Hours of straight training* One more hour and we're done. *1 hour later* .... one more.*

[✷]"Day numero uno. The baboons are playing some game called leap frog. Pretty dangerous game if you ask me. I mean, who runs and jumps around wearing flip flops, those things can hurt you. And that creek- sweet- If they fall off; that's deep... *sighs* Stupid kids... HEY! Get out, you're blocking my view. *snark*"

[✷]" Oh-- ohoho! That look-- Those slight touches. Ha! You seriously think you can escape my eyes, sweet youngins. Ship."

[✷]Frank, Harsh, Realist and Blunt--Can be unknowingly rude:
[✷] "Apologies for the language but, that's f*cking ugly, sweet heart. Go back in there and pick something else."

[✷]"Honey Pumpkin, Life's a bitch. Yeah. I know. Suck it up and stand up, don't fucking give up and lose to it. There's a huge difference between Dreams and Reality. A thin thread only connects them and that's you. So if you wanna make your 'dreams' into a reality. Suck. it. up. Don't sit around and do no shit. Move your ass. If your best isn't enough--- Work harder. Aim higher. Make that dream into a reality."

[✷] Likes:
[✷]"I like going outside and just simply take in the air after a long time of being cooped up inside a building or whatever"

[✷]"Hmm, I like seeing people's works be appreciated. Whether they are mine or not I simply just find simple joy in seeing someone smile after working so hard"

[✷]"You know that feeling to just lay on the couch and just, lie down, do nothing but rest and sleep. Mhmm, I like those kinds of moments"

[✷]"A nice warm bath after a long, tiring day"

[✷]"I know I don't look like much, but I really like it when I'm brought food, I'd favor you more than you giving me flowers"

[✷]"Another thing, of course, I like singing in front of the crowd. Performing in front of them is one of my greatest pleasures."

[✷] I just really prefer to enjoy the little things. Keeps you happier and calmer.

[✷] Dislikes:
[✷]"I hate quitters. I just hate the fact that you're giving up on something you already gave your word to."

[✷]"TBH, sweet heart, I really hate romantic chick flicks. I never really knew why, I just don't fancy romance."

[✷]"Liars. That's about it"

[✷]"Chocolate. I'm sorry just- no."

[✷]"I don't like taking a rests while working, I mean, If I have that time to rest- I have that time to work more then I'd be able to get home early. Right?"

[✷] Habits:
[✷] "*Laughs* Oh dear, Well this is one habit of mine that surely, maybe(?), everyone does. I love singing in the shower and or bath"

[✷]"I like making fun of the grumpy little cuties; it's interesting and fun that I'd put it in my Habits"

[✷]"When I get nervous, agitated, angry; I scratch the back of my hand very roughly at one point it-- it's... best not to say"

[✷]"I never really noticed it, but a lot of people said when I get flustered I'd bite my lip... I really don't... do I? I don't."

[✷]"I sometimes write my own music, but it's best not to go inside my room while doing so because-- it tends to get wild"

[✷]"I have this tendency to, what people say, "ship" others together"

[✷] Weakness:
[✷] "Hmm, one of my greatest weakness is that I just can't go down to the low notes.."

[✷]"I can't stand the scent of chocolate for some reason"

[✷] Singing Style/ Genre:
[✷]: Pop Rock, Techno/ElectroPop, Alternative Rock, Jazz

[✷] Quote:
[✷] "Well, aren't you adorable?"

[✷] "Oh sweet heart. you are not wearing that, are you?"

[✷] "There we go~! Like an expensive stripper at a bar! Wonderful-- Now go get that booty, Pumpkin"


[✷] Biography:
[✷] "Well long story short, I got a mail in our house's mailbox. It said something about Royal-Quartet inviting me join them. And well, a lot of things happen after that but I suppose you'd want to hear the long story, yes? Good.

Once upon a time there was a cute little baby girl that was born to the 'majestic' world. Hmm? Too far back? Oh well, deal with it, sweet heart. Okay so, that baby was your's truly, Me. I grew up in a household composed of Mum, Dad, Me and two younger siblings, Rie and Ayumu.

I suppose from the very beginning our family had already been artistically inclined. My Mum was a pianist and Ayumu played the Violin, where as Dad and Rie were more of painters and crafts. So yeah, Meet the Kudos, Family of artists.
Bu then again there was me, I mean I love music but I wasn't as good as Ayumu nor Mum, and I'm you know when god showered talent to the world? Mhmm, I missed to get the painty-stuff. So- you don't wanna see my artwork unless you'd want your eyes to bleed, sweety.

And then When I was around 7? not quite sure- we moved to the US; Miami, Florida to be exact because my parents got a really good job so everybody moved there. It took awhile to get used to it, specially for a 7 year old girl who's learning the language, Though after sometime I adapted to the /american/ ways. They were fun, interesting and just amazing. Viva America!!! I mean, yes.

In my elementary years, I found it quite easy hence me accelerating or skipping some grades so good bye Grade 2 and Grade 4.
I was more of a kid of Science and Numbers, I just love them. They're easier to understand. I had a rough road with English but don't tell anyone that, sweety. So yes, this elementary Era-- is where I met the bestest- best girl friend ever. Her name is Ashley Brown and by god, she is the sweetest and most energetic child ever. I love her, she's like a real sister to me.

Middle school came in and it was here where I found where I'm actually good at, you know non-academically? Ashley and I went to this party of her friends and well, I thought it's just some weird drinking party or whatever. Teenagers are- just yeah. Okay, so, apparently it wasn't it was this amazing match out, contest thing where a bunch of kids from I don't know where would gather around and just sing whatever was in that time. They had their instruments, one group even did Acapella, Like Hands down on that sister. Anyways, this thing-- this meet up it was simply just beautifully amazing. One second people were singing, then break dancing and just-- It became a thing. It made me feel alive just-- speechless.

It's where I learned how to train my voice to different genres, dance the moves, play the instruments. My connections just grew wider- I met more and more people, made more friends, but like all other good things it has it's end. At the age of 14 I heard a news of going back to Japan. This was just like a deal breaker. My whole life was there, All my friends were there. Everything I know was THERE. So naturally being an (angsty) teenager, I didn't want to get. Sure Japan was my birth home but America was my HOME.

It took awhile but they somehow got through and well next thing I knew I was on a flight to Japan. My first 2 years of high school went by boringly slow. People looked at me like some exotic animal from another world. I suppose, It's kinda true, America-raised Japanese student. It was simply bleeeeh, then I found the music club. I didn't give much interest but the way this kids played they're music together, it reminded me of home. They saw me creeping and invited me in and well I guess my senior year in high school was well spent with new found friends.

and then BAM College! I took on the course of BS Physics. It was amazing--- amazingly boring. I thought college would be great but meh, same old same old. So yeah, remember those HS Friends I told you about yeah? okay, so we got this thing where we'd just randomly perform at a park or something, not for the money or anything, just to simply give music to people. It was beautiful. Ashley said we were awesome while she listened to us via skype. A lot of people would just stop and listen to us play our music, stop and smile. I love seeing that, I love performing in front of people.

Soooo yeah, Months later Va-Va-Boom! Letter came in and Ta-da~ Royal-Quartet. I don't know what it was so I checked it out, so I found it was some idol-company looking for-- well, Idols. I thought it was some prank, cus; why would anyone want me to work for them. I don't have any professional experiences or whatever. So I decided to call the company, apparently... It was real.

When I showed my parents the letter and we just shared this look. After some silence, the conversation went something like this:

'D'ya really want?'

'yeah. Really.'

'Ready to give up college for this? It's not a 100% deal that you'd get known immediately or at all'

'I'll take my chances.'



'Go for it then, sweety'

Aaaand- that's how I got here. Too long? Yeah I know Sorry baby, Love you"

[✷] Relationships:
[✷] "Mum and Dad:
[✷] Mum is a Pianist and Vocalist. We have a little clashes but nothing too big to get me kicked out of the house. Hahaha, but I love her. It's understandable."

[✷] "Dad, well Dad's just amazing! He makes all of this pretty paintings. I never really got how anyone can make something so beautiful with strokes of a brush or pencil. Painting fits him so well, he balances out mum's short fuse and loud voice by being the sane one."

[✷]Rie and Ayumu Kudo:
[✷] "Rie, ahhh Rie. Rie in one word is a bitch. I'm kidding I love you sis. She's so irritating but then again, I guess she can express herself throug her paintings and well by jumping around everywhere. She's cute. She's the youngest out of all three of us sisters."

[✷] "My dear sweety Ayumu, then again; another loved-by-me bitch. Quite skilled with the violin. I always had trouble with the Violin but I guess all of us has our own skills to be stars at. She's pretty silent compared to Rie, guess she got that from dad. Good for her."

[✷] Ashley Brown:
[✷] "One word. BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER. okay, not one word. but still. point made, sweet heart. Okay, I was never really much of a fun type of person, hell I bore anyone out with my stares and silence but man, this girl- this girl pulled me out of that shell! She brings out the wild in me! Just when I'm with her, be ready 'cus IT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Best Bro-Sistah ever. I still keep in touch with her through skype and other ways. She likes the Anime and Japanese snacks so she said it's one of the up-sides of me being in Japan; I get to give her some gifts."

[✷] Kurumin, Koichi, Miyata:
[✷] "This trio, they're my babies. Yes, they are. I just even though They're all older than me by a year or two. Kurumin is a nice girl, she's kinda like the japanese version of Ashley. They met once when Ashley visited Japan and well.. It was like having two energetic girls together. Don't know how they got over language barried but they did. Koichi and Miyata are the coolest boys ever. They're my baby boys. If you want to go for them gotta go through me first, kid. Get a number and wait in line."

Additional Facts:

[✷] Voice/ Singing Sample: ||Janet Devlin||

[✷] Birthday: || December 25||

[✷] ||She's embarrassed showing her natural face, without the make up, it still looks the same... you know, girl problems||

[✷] ||She has a lot of various types of clothes in her closet. Some she made, some she designed and have made, some she death glared a woman to have||

[✷] ||She has a habit of calling everyone with cutesy pet names-- even more when she means /bizniz/. like when she's about to scold you for some junk||

[✷] ||She has the tendency to curse quite a lot when triggered; losing all poise and lady-manners and just wanting to get whatever it is to get out, out. Doesn't make her a bad person though ;v; please don't hate her-- she means well when she starts scolding you. Rarely happens. ||

"Oh sorry is this going on for too long? Oh darling, forgive me, I know you have other's to talk to. Anyways, Sayonara, See you again, aaand Adios!"

#Royal-Quartet (c) *Ryuube
Kudo, Yupeiku (c) ~Kawaii-Miho
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